A native Mac app distribution of GNU Octave


Octave.app Downloads

This page contains all the releases of Octave.app. If you’re not sure which one to get, just grab the latest version, from the top of the page.

Beta Releases Only!

All our releases are currently in beta testing! This means they may be buggy or unstable. But we think they’re good enough to at least try out.

We appreciate you downloading and testing our beta releases. Please report any issues you have to our bug tracker at https://github.com/octave-app/octave-app-bundler/issues; this helps us and other Octave users. And maybe you!

Installation Notes

Our apps are not signed yet. This means that the first time you run them, you must right-click Octave.app and choose “Open” instead of just double-clicking it, and then choose “Run” from the dialog that pops up, when it asks you if you want to run an app from an “unkown developer”.

We’re working on fixing this by getting signed releases. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All that being said, here are the downloads:

Beta Releases

Octave 4.4.0 RC 2


Known bugs:

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